Standard Pre-Rolls consist of a wrapper (paper/hemp), ground cannabis, and a filter. Pre-Rolls come ready to consume and eliminate the hassle of grinding, rolling, and sealing the flower into a joint. Pre-rolled joints are typically available in strain-specific flavours and vary in weight and strength.

What are pre-rolls? Simply put, pre-rolls are joints that have been pre-packaged and pre-packaged so that they are ready to smoke at any time.

They are typically made by loading and rolling them with a machine to ensure a tight, consistent product and one that burns cleaner than any hand-rolled joint or blunt.

What are the pre-rolls dipped in?

There are many ways to infuse a pre-roll. With kief, one can either dip the pre-roll into it or mix it with the desired flower.

You can sprinkle other concentrates such as rosin and crumble them into your joint or pack them into your pre-roll. Smoother consistencies, such as salsa or budder, can be used as a coating around a joint.

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