What is a cartridge?

A cartridge or cartridge is a type of pre-assembled firearm ammunition containing a projectile (bullet, shot, or slug), a propellant (usually a smokeless powder or black powder), and a device ignition (primer) in metal, paper, or plastic case precisely designed to fit the barrel chamber.

What are cartridges used for?

A cartridge, in armament, is a unit of small arms ammunition consisting of a metal (usually brass) case, a propellant charge, a projectile or bullet, and a primer.

What are the main types of cartridges?

A cartridge is ammunition used in a rifle or handgun, and there are two primary types of cartridges used by rifle and pistol shooters today: centerfire and rimfire.

What is a cartridge in science?

A case for an explosive, such as a blasting charge. An electromechanical transducer in the pickup of a record player, usually containing either a piezoelectric crystal (crystal cartridge) or an electromagnet (magnetic cartridge)

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Chronic Carts

Dank Vapes and Chronic Carts are not actual THC vape manufacturers. Instead, these are packages that, until recently, were easy to buy online and are filled with bootleg THC distillate that is sometimes tainted with chemicals or pesticides.