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A Hybrid is a mixture of two or more different things. In terms of cars, a hybrid is a mix between a gas-powered engine and an electric motor.

What are they exactly? 

Indica and Sativa genetics are found in hybrids, often known as hybrid strains. Sativas and carts, each recognized for having different effects on the body and mind, can be mixed to create a strain that has both physical and mental benefits, if you will, the finest of both worlds.

Three exist sativa dominant, Indica dominant, and 50-50. Although sativa dominant strains may be euphoric, their bodily impacts are probably less noticeable. The physical effects of indica dominants often include body relaxation, although they can also be more stimulating than an indica. A balanced and soothing 50-50 has equal indica and sativa.

What are the benefits of hybrid cannabis?

Commonly reported effects of use: Farmers and producers pick for their unique effects. They can range from reducing anxiety and tension to minimizing the negative effects of radiation or chemotherapy. The main effects of the will determine whether it is used during the day or night.

Is a hybrid strain better?

Hybrid strains are fantastic because they may give some of the benefits of both Indica and Sativa strains in a more balanced manner. For instance, some people discover that pure Indicas make them feel sluggish and pure Sativas make them feel overstimulated.

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